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"The professionalism and dedication to their craft is the main reason i'd offer Emyvale my endorsement, in my opinion these guys are unmatched in their field. " - Peter, Kilcullen

"After a firend had her kitchen remodeled by Emyvale i made contact with James as soon as i could, and had Emyvale fit a new 1200 sq ft kitchen. i was amazed at the wokmanship and the PRICE...." - Jimmy, Bluebell

"If your looking for a Kitchen, Bedroom, any room remodeled or built from scratch, then these guys are your first,second and third option, absolutley brilliant, top marks." - Derick, Meath

"I used Emyvale to fit a new kitchen to my mothers house, she's amazed at what they did with the space they had to work with, and she's never been happier. Dont go anywhere else if you need a Kitchen." - Diana, Tallaght


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The Schock Range

Schock Sink Types

Schock D-100 Single Bowl Sink.ead more  →  

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Schock D-150 One and a Half Sink Setup Read more  →  

Schock D-200 Standard Double Sink.Read more  →  

SCHOCK invented the granite sink and has been their leading manufacturer worldwide for over 30 years. In addition to its own brand name manufacturing business, the company serves as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying some of the leading kitchen furniture and stainless steel sink manufacturers. Today, around 75% of the 2 million sinks sold every year globally are produced based on manufacturing procedures developed by SCHOCK.

Customers in more than 70 countries put their trust in SCHOCK products. The SCHOCK product line features sinks and taps for every style and taste - modern, classic or rustic. SCHOCK attaches high priority to the sustainability of its products and production methods.

Emyvale Joinery have been a leading proponent of the Schock line in Ireland for well over 20 years. We carry the full range of Schock Sinks and Taps to fit all of our custom designed Kitchens and Bathrooms.



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