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"The professionalism and dedication to their craft is the main reason i'd offer Emyvale my endorsement, in my opinion these guys are unmatched in their field. " - Peter, Kilcullen

"After a firend had her kitchen remodeled by Emyvale i made contact with James as soon as i could, and had Emyvale fit a new 1200 sq ft kitchen. i was amazed at the wokmanship and the PRICE...." - Jimmy, Bluebell

"If your looking for a Kitchen, Bedroom, any room remodeled or built from scratch, then these guys are your first,second and third option, absolutley brilliant, top marks." - Derick, Meath

"I used Emyvale to fit a new kitchen to my mothers house, she's amazed at what they did with the space they had to work with, and she's never been happier. Dont go anywhere else if you need a Kitchen." - Diana, Tallaght


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Emyvale Carpentry & Joinery has for more than 30 years been at the forefront of Kitchen Design and Build in Ireland. We pride ourselves on the in house knowledge of all aspects of Kitchen Design and  Construction. We offer a wide range of Luxury, Modern, Contemporary and Traditional Kitchens.

All our Kitchens are hand built at our Manufacturing plant in Tallaght, just off the Green Hills Road, in the Hibernian Industrial Estate. Drop in or contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our design staff and lets see what we can do for you.Read more →


Perhaps the best way to describe the modern Kitchens is "sleek." In the typical modern design, appliances and decor match and correspond with each other, creating a professional look.  Indeed, it's a plus factor to have a kitchen that is full of appliances that are modern and high-powered, but it also important to maintain a spacious feel, regardless of whether the area is small or large. Read more →


The philosophy of shaker style, evident in everything they made or built, can be summed up in two frequently quoted phrases: "whatever is fashioned let it be plain and simple and for the good" and "beauty rests on utility". As part of their strong religious convictions, the Shaker craftsmen made items for the glory of their god and accordingly strived to make them to the highest levels of workmanship, using pure and simple lines without any ornamentation. They were also interested in making the items durable and, above all, useful. All their possessions were shared and would have been well used. Read more →


"Traditional" is a "very general term that encompasses many styles and doesn't lean relatively in any one direction, its also sometimes referred to as a country kitchen design" Part of its charm, like country, is that it brings the outdoors in, so patterns can include fruits, flowers and butterflies. You can mix and match. It's a design that is open to interpretation and appeals to all ages and personalities. The design works best in a room with lots of windows, because if possible the kitchen would likely include a bay window. The focus is on creating warmth and a homey feeling,because you're going to spend a great deal of time in this style of kitchen. Read more →

The need to bring the outdoors in to represent this style means the space will include natural materials on the floors, in the cabinetry and with furnishings. You might see marble, brick, stone and even wood on the backsplash, for example, Broerman adds, and other materials and surfaces that give the space a handcrafted look.